Mesh AI helps companies build great Customer Experience, through Conversations Artificial Intelligence and Channel-less engagement driven by customers intent

Mesh Ai drives Revenue Performance providing unlimited capacity to grow and support your customers.
Mesh enables curated customer journeys and experience aligned to target business outcomes
Mesh AI enabled User Interfaces function as a spokesman orchestrating interactions between business and customers
Mesh delivers Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Providing unlimited resources to help companies grow and support their customers

Customer Service & Engagement
  • Virtual Agents
  • Omni Channel - Website, Mobile, Social Channels
  • User Guidance & Predictive Responses
  • Questions & Answers
Automation, Process Guidance & Self Service
  • Data Capture / Surveys
  • Workflow / Process Applications
  • Complex Process Guidance
  • External Form Auto Complete
  • Integration & Escalations
Sales Assistant
  • Predictive and Cognitive Sales Processes & Offers
  • Guided Sales Processes
  • Enhanced and Value Added Sales
  • Auto Complete Carts and Orders
Employee Assistant
  • Questions & Answers
  • Internal Sources & External Knowledge
  • Trigger Workflow
  • Guidance and Decision Tree
  • Integration & Escalations
Key benefits of the Mesh AI platform
  • Call Deflection
  • Reduced training
  • Seamless hand-off to internal resources
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increased transactions
  • Data Capture / surveys
  • Triggered / Structured workflows
  • Customer insights / Voice of customer
  • Escalation / alerts
  • Social media service integration
  • New services / transactions
  • Improve brand value
  • New Revenue Sales agents / quoting
  • Integration into Enterprise Application ecosystem

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